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Gavrilovic, Ana

Ana Gavrilovic

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture
Working Groups: WG3
Scientific Expertise: Bioreactors and applied microbiology for environmental engineering; Sustainable production; Aquaculture/ Sustainable aquaculture production; Aquatic animals health management, welfare and meat quality
Contribution: I would like to get involved in the activities of the working group, where I am particularly interested in collaborating with members dealing with biosecurity in aquaculture. Except networking and experience exchange, I am willing to take an active role in organization/participation of the joint activities of group members regarding preventive measures and other segments of health management in aquaculture, including farming facilities design and waste management.
Motivation: For the last twenty years I have been working as a veterinarian in aquaculture and all my activities are related to aquaculture health management, including the application of all preventive measures as well as the design of breeding systems that will enable this. For this reason, I am interested in exchanging knowledge and establishing contact with colleagues and the possible establishment of joint activities.
Scientific Background: Health management in aquaculture and Diseases diagnostics Preventive and biosecurity measures in aquaculture Water quality management in aquaculture Influence of environmental factors on aquatic animalsí health, condition and physiology Animal by-products and waste water treatment and itís reuse as a renewable energy source Aquaculture farms design (especially RAS) with inclusion of biosecurity parameters Food safety and quality of aquaculture and fisheries products