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Aija Malniece

Latvia university of Life Science and Technologies
Working Groups: WG1, WG3
Scientific Expertise: Veterinary medicine (miscellaneous)
Contribution: As part of working groups, I can participate in carrying out research or gathering information about Latvia. Or other activities.
Motivation: My motivation is to participate in projects and research related to biosecurity is based on the great importance of biosecurity in ensuring the welfare and health of animals (also humans). I also see huge differences between the understanding and observance of biosecurity in the pig and poultry sector and in the dairy, beef, and sheep sectors. Therefore, I believe that research and information of biosecurity should be disseminated.
Scientific Background: My experience in biosecurity research is not very extensive. In the last 3 years, I participated in Horizon 2020 "DISARM", one of the goals of which was to reduce antimicrobial resistance in the livestock sector by introducing inovative solutions, including improving biosecurity. I also took courses in biosecurity at the University of Ghent.