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Jarkko Niemi

WG4 Co-leader
Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)
Working Groups: WG1, WG2, WG3, WG4
Scientific Expertise: Agricultural economics
Contribution: I'm interested in contributing to all WGs of the action. In WG1 I would like to contribute to the mapping of biosecurity measures accross Europe. In WG I'm interested in contributing to all tasks. In particular, I'm interested in contributing to task 2.2 which is within my core expertise. In WG3 I'm particularly interested in having a major contribution to task 3.2, and smaller contributions to tasks 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5. I'm also available to lead task 2.2 and/or task 3.2, this if needed. In WG4, I'm interested in contributing to task 4.5 from my own background.
Motivation: I'm interested in finding out how to motivate and encourage actors in livestock supply chains to enhance biosecurity by using economic incentives as well as other means. I'm also interested in measurement of the level of biosecurity and its efficacy in different livestock production systems. This would be continuation for the work that I have carried out together with animal scientists and veterinarians during the past decade. Finally, I'm particularly in interested in assessing & demonstrating the economic benefits of biosecurity measures in farming and in using this to raise awareness of stakeholders on the benefits of appropiate biosecurity. This would also also continue my existing work. In general, I'm highly interested in strenghtening collaboration on biosecurity isseas with researchers and experts in other COST countries.
Scientific Background: I'm currently a research professor of economics of sustainable animal production at LUKE. My background is in agricultural economics. I have carried out plenty of modelling work which combines economic and biological/epidemiological aspects of disease control and assessed impacts of different animal diseases. I have also studied biosecurity in pig, poultry and cattle farms by using surveys and analysing database data.