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Jasna Prodanov Radulovic

WG1 leader
Scientific Veterinary Institute "Novi Sad"
Working Groups: WG1, WG3, WG4
Scientific Expertise: Veterinary medicine (miscellaneous)
Contribution: As a MC member, I plan to be really active, to connect and collaborate with researchers from other countries.I can learn a lot from other colleagues, but also I can certainly share my experiences. I hope to be able to participate in trainings aimed at assessing biosafety. I will also include my colleagues who are veterinarians and epidemiologists in the field of poultry and cattle diseases. Hope I can be actively involved in WG1 and WG3, maybe as a vice leader of WG1.
Motivation: Farm biosecurity in Serbia is currently number one problem. In my work, I am involved in the assessment of existing biosecurity measures as well as permanent work on their improvement.I am actively involved in Serbia in awareness campaigns for farmers, veterinarians and hunters. My motivation for involvement in this COST action is an opportunity to improve my knowledge but also to share experiences from ITC from non-EU region.
Scientific Background: I am expirienced epidemiologist for diseases of swine. In my everyday work I am directly focused on biosecurity measures in all types of pig production units in my country (especially smallhodlings, backyards). Diagnostics,Control and Preventie measures, Eradication of contagious and notifiable disease of swine are part of my everyday work. I am the State field veterinary epidemiologist for Classical swine fever, African Swine Fever, Pseudorabies.