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Miroslav Kjosevski

WG3 Co-leader
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
North Macedonia
Working Groups: WG1, WG3, WG4
Scientific Expertise: Animal Welfare
Contribution: Through my engagement in the Working groups I can contribute in several activities such as: designing new biosecurity measures, developing training programs, testing biosecurity assessment protocols, developing scoring systems, associating biosecurity with animal welfare and behaviour. Likewise, I can participate in writing and working on scientific papers and reviews on biosecurity.
Motivation: This COST Action is coming in a very important time for my Department at the Faculty as well as for my country. Currently, Iím running a project related to improving biosecurity in dairy cattle by establishing a National Platform for improving biosecurity. This Platform involves representatives from all relevant institutions in the country and considering our work so far there is a great interest for implementation of biosecurity measures in the farms countrywide. Furthermore, biosecurity is becoming one of the centralized topics in my department and my intention is to engage a PhD student that will continue to develop this topic. Therefore, Iím highly motivated and Iím willing to actively participate in this COST Action and in all activities and possibilities that will come out of it.
Scientific Background: I'm associate professor in Animal Hygiene and Environmental Protection at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Additionally, Iím a deputy head at the Animal Welfare Center within the same faculty. Regarding farm biosecurity I have experience in assessing biosecurity in farms for dairy cows and pigs. Iím also a project leader of the ongoing FAO Project for introducing farm biosecurity assessment in dairy farms and farm categorization.