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Alexandrina Sirbu

Constantin Brancoveanu University of Pitesti
Working Groups: WG1, WG2
Scientific Expertise: Environmental impact, Life Cycle Assessment; Fermentation; Food science and technology; Sustainability in food science and technology; Food chemistry
Contribution: I am able to contribute to tasks 3.2., 3.3., and 3.4.
Motivation: I work in academia as a full professor and, meantime, I act as a technical expert, advisor, and auditor for the food industry (as a freelancer) - including meat industry and slaughterhouses. So, my experience and professional works can be used in international cooperation and contribute to the promotion of healthy food and biosecurity in a global market. Also, I am part of other (inter)national networks with beneficial potential collaboration to many stakeholders, which is in complete agreement with the MoU of this CA20103.
Scientific Background: Food scientist with manifold achievements in food science and technology (incl. meat sci.), food safety, consumer behavior, process control, food sustainability, knowledge transfer to the food industry (different scale-size), quality assurance, and continual improvement.