Biosecurity Training in Livestock Production

Biosecurity Training in Livestock Production

Get up-to-date on the biosecurity aspects in livestock production with Biocheck’s online training from 18 October till 13 December 2023. Five sessions (+ one optional) on Wednesdays (10 to 12 AM CET), including theoretical principles, practical implementations and e-learning exercises.

18 Oct ‘23 | Biosecurity principles and the link with animal health & production
25 Oct ‘23 | Practical implementation of external biosecurity measures
08 Nov ‘23 | Practical implementation of internal biosecurity measures
15 Nov ‘23 | Quantification of biosecurity on farm-level + (virtual) farm visit
29 Nov ‘23 | Persuade farmers to implement biosecurity measures: tips & tricks
13 Dec ‘23 | Evaluation and discussion

 Each session will be accompanied by short e-learning modules to recap the gained knowledge. Price for the full training (all 5 sessions + e-learning modules worth €50) is €465. The session on persuasion of farmers (±2.5 hours) is optional to the program and costs €145 separately or €110 when part of the training package. The training will finish with an exam (€110), for those that want a certificate. All prices are exclusive of VAT. 

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